Plastic Pipe Fitting

  1. 45 Degree Butt Weld Elbow

    45 Degree Butweld Elbow is required for connecting pipes in order to provide different direction to the fluid. Made from supreme quality polyvinyl chloride material, it can be utilized for both commercial & domestic applications. This elbow can be availed with threaded ends or slip socket and also in butt or socket weld types to ensure leak proof connection. It is highly appreciated for its high pressure resistance, corrosion proof nature, and long lasting operational life.
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  2. 90mm Socket Equal Tee

    Socket Equal Tee is a type of piping system assembly which is required to divert the flow of free flowing liquids in 90 degrees. It is designed having a ‘T’ letter shape with three openings for pipe connection. This tee can be fabricated either using an alloy metal or PVC thermoplastic as required by the customer. It is completely suitable to be used in food & beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, and automobile industries.
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  3. 110mm HDPE Flange

    HDPE Flange is required for connecting pipes, valves, pumps, and other components of a piping system to create a completely functional unit. It is provided with holes on its outer perimeter for fastening nut & bolts to assure high strength and firmness. This flange is manufactured using premium quality high density polyethylene material to ensure its high wear resistance, corrosion proof nature, and durability. It is ideal for different applications including irrigation, water supply, chemical transportation within the industry, and car washing garages as well.
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  4. HDPE Collar Long Neck

    HDPE Collar Long Neck is required for providing extra strength to a piping assembly and also to join a number of pipes to get the desired length. It is made from high quality HDPE thermopolymer having large density to strength ration, great abrasion resistance, and crack proof nature. This collar neck is completely suitable to be used in water treatment plants, ETPs, chemical applications, fertilizer industries.
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  5. HDPE Socket Reducing Tee

    HDPE Socket Reducing Tee is used as a piping component required for decreasing the rate of liquid flow from the source. It is designed having a ‘T’ alphabet shaped structure with two adjacent holes having uniform size diameters and a hole at the base with lower circumference. This assembly eliminates the need to completely change or newly erect the system for applications requiring slow movement of processing fluids.
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  6. PE Male Coupling

    PE Male Coupling is a short pipe like assembly having sockets at both the ends and is required to join two pipes together. It is designed having a threaded end which is required for fastening the pipe for assuring its leak proof nature and ability to withstand high pressure situations. Manufactured using polyethylene polymer, this coupling is completely suitable to be used for fire service, pressurized sewer, gas applications, and potable & recycled waterworks.
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  7. 110mm HDPE End Cap

    HDPE End Cap is required for closing the ends of a piping system to prevent unnecessary flow of liquid or its dripping. Made from supreme grade high density polyethylene material, it can be availed in different diameter sizes as required according to the existing pipes. This cap is highly appreciated for its tight seal, ability to bear extreme pressure, and capability to withstand variable temperature conditions. It has threaded walls from inside to ensure its proper application and leak proof nature.
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